Discover The Massage Ad Templates, Rebooking Scripts And Business Growth Systems That I Use To Book Out Our Nine Massage Therapists At Our Salon Weeks In Advance

Hi my name is Kurt Simpson and I’d like to ask you a question…

Have you ever questioned why it’s so hard to make a decent living in the massage industry when you know that you can make people feel better?

If you have you’re not alone.

I used to feel the same way.

18 months ago when I opened the doors to our small 2 room massage salon inside of our gym I knew nothing about the massage industry…

Or what kind of marketing and advertising would bring clients in.

Fast forward to today, and after trying literally every method I was assured would bring clients in, the only thing that actually worked was a unique social media ad system that I figured out.

This unique system resulted in our salon going from 0 appointments to 234 per week in our new 7 treatment room business, all in 18 months.

Our massage team

It also allowed us to bounce back from Covid shutdowns as if we had never been closed.

So if we can book out nine therapists in a small town, with no previous experience in the industry and be even busier than ever after lockdown, I believe you can do the same.

So if you feel like you’ve also tried every usual massage marketing method that everyone said you should be doing…

From flyer drops, to posting randomly across social media pages,  to free chair massages or networking events…

But feel like nothing is working, then this could be the most important page you come across this year.

Because our salon is already booked out I’ve decided to share all of my marketing and business growth systems with other massage business owners who also want to get more clients so that they can help more people feel better, create more freedom for their family, and earn more income.

I’ve broken all of the lessons down into a 7 part method I call the SEACOGS massage business growth system which I currently share with the 283 other massage therapists that are inside my massage therapist success academy.

Massage Marketing Success Academy online group

The SEACOGS system is massage marketing and business growth made simple.  It’s everything therapists need to know to have a successful career in the massage industry so they can:

  • Make a difference in their community,
  • Earn a great living and provide for their family,
  • Have the freedom of deciding how much they work,
  • And do it all without burning out or giving up.

It includes lessons that I created on the categories of:

Our massage team with customers

Smart Social Media Ads and Massage Marketing Methods

Unfortunately without a predictable way to bring more clients into your massage business life becomes extremely stressful.

Even if you’re amazing at what you do, it’s not enough anymore due to the large amount of competition and the large number of new massage therapists that come into the industry every month.

Inside the academy I share 1 to 2 new marketing strategies every month which help bring a constant stream of new bookings. This will mean you can grow your income and help as many people as you want.

Imagine how you’ll feel if you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from.

In the program I provide copy and paste massage marketing templates and full video training on how to set up different Facebook, Instagram and Google ads as well as many other marketing methods.

The methods I share work for both solo therapists or any type of massage business. Simply swap out the relevant sections in the templates provided such as your business name, your town and services that you want to promote then set them up as per my step by step video walkthroughs and you can have new appointments coming through within a few hours.

Eliminate No Shows

Every therapist hates no shows.  Not only are they disrespectful to your valuable time but they’re financially costly.  That is why inside the Academy I share 7 strategies that I’ve developed that we use inside our massage salon to eliminate them so we don’t miss out on any lost revenue.

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Facebook massage ads keeping our team booked out.

Amaze Customers With Service

What a lot of great therapists don’t realise is that a great massage is only part of the experience you need to deliver to your clients if you want them want to come back.

The truth is that some of our competition deliver equally good massages as we do or better.  So one of the ways we to stand out is with the service and experience provided OUTSIDE of the massage.

Inside the Academy I share our 26 customer service secrets that we deploy to build a loyal client base who rave about us to their friends.

These strategies work so well that our customer service is mentioned just as much as the massage is in the 291 5-star reviews we have across our social media pages.

Customer service testimonial
Customer service testimonial
Customer service testimonial
Customer service testimonial

Convert Customers into Long Term Clients

There’s no point investing money into marketing to get clients in the door if you’re not confident in rebooking them.

It’s not only money down the drain, but also lets these people who come to you for a solution to their pain…

As we all know that we cannot properly help clients in only one session.

The health and well-being of your customers depends on you being good enough to get them coming back for regular bookings so that you can not only fix their immediate problems but help them maintain a healthier body and/or mind.

In the academy I share our full re-booking masterclass. This includes step by step training with everything that needs to be done before, during and after the massage to rebook customers on the spot.

This is the same training we put our new therapists through at our salon. Once completed their re-booking rate typically goes from ~30% when they start, to 70-90% in a few weeks.

Massage rebooking training videos
Our massage rebooking and advertising results

Here is a screenshot of the last 7 days from our salon. The orange box has our rebooking and retention figures. Rebooking is classified as first time visitors and retention is defined as rebooked from their second visit onwards. It shows that 7 out of 10 first time clients who responded from our ads came back for a second visit… And then in subsequent visits 90% of them rebooked on the spot.

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Optimize The Business to Run Smoother And Become More Profitably

Even though we got into the massage industry to help people, earning a good living for providing an extremely valuable service to the community should be the minimum that every massage therapist should be entitled to.  And the only way to achieve that is to learn how to earn a high income and do so without burning out.

This section of my system covers everything related to this goal including:
  • Lessons on increasing appointment values and service prices how to ethically and correctly upsell products and service add-ons.
  • Which KPI’s and key metrics to track that will make running and improving your business less stressful.
  • Lessons on business finances and staying profitable at all times.
  • Building professional systems and procedures and more…
Our massage team

The knowledge in these lessons is what separates professional business owners who can have freedom, time off and great income – from the 95% of solo therapists and massage business owners who are stressed out, never get enough time off and don’t earn enough to be happy with their income.

Group photo of our team of massage therapists


There is only so much positive impact you can make in your community as a solo therapist. Jumping from solo business owner to bringing on team members successfully was the hardest part in business for me. It took years for me to figure out how not be constantly stressed from problems that came with a team…

So this part of the system is all about expanding and growing and building a team the right way.

Most massage therapists are fine with staying solo and there is nothing wrong with that. But for those who want to help more members of their community, provide more for their family and have more time off, the lessons in this section are essential.

In these modules I cover trainings on;

  • How to hire the right staff that are aligned with your vision. Includes how to find them, job ad templates and interview scripts.
  • How to keep great staff. Includes leadership training, building a positive culture and properly setting up mission vision and values statements.
  • How to properly keep track of key business figures and finances.
  • How to build foolproof systems and processes. No more having to constantly teach your staff how to do things how you want them to be done.
  • How to know when to keep staff and let them go.
  • Mastering different ways to get more online leads.
  • Setting up cross-referral partnerships with other businesses
  • Done for you massage business staff handbook

…And many more.

These are the modules that are going to allow you to have a larger positive impact in your community. Not to mention the freedom and lifestyle that you envisioned when you got into business so you’re not always trapped in a time for money trap where you don’t earn an income when you’re sick or have to look after a family member.


Ask any truly successful business owner and they will tell you the same thing…

Having a supportive network and community of successful peers to help them along their journey is integral to their success.

All members of my online Academy receive support from myself, my team and other successful therapists inside the group. Any problem in your business can helped be solved by other top therapists who are happy to help.

Kurt and Catherine Simpson - Massage Marketing Experts
Online massage ads keeping our team booked out.

Now you’ve seen what my SEACOGS massage business growth system covers. If you’re not satisfied with how your business is right now, and you’d like to:

  • help more people,
  • as well as earn a higher income –
  • and you see the appeal of following a tried and tested easy to follow method to achieving these goals…

Then the next step is learning about getting a constant flow of new clients booked, showing up and coming back.

That’s why I have put together my 7 new clients in 7 days challenge. It is the perfect introduction to my system. You can learn the basics about massage social media advertising, how to get clients to show up, delivering a “wow” experience and how to get better at rebooking… And the 7 clients in 7 days introductory program is only $1.